2014: Year of Futility in the Fight Against Climate Change

Watts Up With That?

Sign_Stop_global_warmingGuest essay by Steve Goreham

Originally published in Communities Digital News.

The year 2014 was another year of futility in the fight against climate change. Climatists redoubled efforts to convince citizens that urgent action is needed to stop dangerous global warming. But the gap between public warnings and actual events produced an endless stream of climate irony.

January began with a frosty bang as an arctic air mass descended on the central United States, following a similar event in December. What was once called a cold snap is now ominously christened a “polar vortex.” Record-low daily temperatures were recorded from Minnesota to Boston, along with all-time seasonal snowfalls in many cities.

In a White House video released on January 8, John Holdren, chief science advisor to President Obama, made the paradoxical statement, “But a growing body of evidence suggests that the kind of extreme cold being experienced by much…

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Aborted babies are being incinerated to provide electricity in the United States

The Matt Walsh Blog


After reports a few weeks ago that aborted babies are burned to heat hospitals in the UK, today we get this:

The remains of aborted humans are being shipped to a US power facility, in order to provide electricity to Oregon residents.

The British Colombia Health Ministry has confirmed that ‘medical waste’ is sent to our country to be converted to electricity in waste-to-power plants. ‘Medical waste,’ in this brave new world of ours, includes amputated limbs, cancerous tissue, and the bodies of murdered children.

I don’t have any long tirade for you. I just need you to understand what’s happening here in your one nation under God. We are incinerating slaughtered babies so that we can charge our iPhones and power our televisions.

If we displace a few caribou to build a pipeline, or disadvantage a couple of dolphins to drill for oil, the public outrage cannot be contained. The cries of injustice…

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Happy Crooks and Liars Day!

The Matt Walsh Blog

Happy President’s Day! I can’t wait for the ceremony where they pull the President out of his vacation resort to find out if he can see his shadow. If he does, you know what that means: 60 more years of economic and cultural decay. OK it’s a campy tradition but, you know what, I think it’s super fun! 

Unless I’m getting my holidays mixed up. Oh that’s right, Groundhog’s Day is the one where a furry woodland creature predicts the weather and President’s Day is the totally ridiculous, fictional holiday. With all the people accusing Valentine’s Day of being “made up” I think it’s worth noting that President’s Day is, in fact, literally made up. It doesn’t exist. It’s a creation of mattress warehouses and car dealerships. It might as well be called Buy a Used Kia For Zero Down and Zero Percent Financing Today Only Day. The situation is…

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Zero Intelligence

The Honest Courtesan

The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.   –  H.L. Mencken

So, were y’all thoroughly confused yesterday?  Were you wondering who the hell wrote that crap that was posted under my name, or did you think it was a great improvement over my usual baroque sentence structure and outré descriptions?  Did you find yourself saying, “Ye gods and little fishes, it’s as though Ernest Hemingway had come back from the dead to write a guest column!”  Or did you not even notice anything amiss?

dumb kid from ShaneYesterday was, of course, April Fools’ Day, and for this year’s prank I decided to run my Reason essay “The Mythical Invasion of the Super Bowl Hookers” through Hemingway, a program which purports to “improve” your writing by making it “bold and clear”…in other words, by…

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Neurosurgeons and Pedicurists Make Different Salaries Because of Sexism

The Matt Walsh Blog

Obama has declared today “National Equal Pay Day”, to highlight the epidemic of “gender bias” that has led to women being paid less than men.

Yes, this is a very important issue and the ONLY possible explanation for this “wage gap” is universal misogynistic discrimination. Right? Well, in that case, I know of a business where the sexism is so bad that women make 13 percent less than men, even though they comprise 50 percent of the workforce at this establishment. This place is called “the White House”. It seems the very president who has sweepingly declared all salary inequity to be the result of sexism has, himself, decided to pay the women in his employ significantly less. One can only then surmise that our president is an evil, sexist, woman-hater. I’m using his own logic to come to that conclusion.

Question to Obama supporters: Is there any amount of…

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Thank God for the gender wage gap

The Matt Walsh Blog


It’s Equal Pay Day, everyone!

As per tradition, progressives mark the occasion by using fabricated numbers to drive a destructive narrative of division and faux-victimhood.

In other words, Equal Pay Day is just like any other day, except with more hashtags.

During the State of the Union, Obama referred to the ‘wage gap’ as a ‘workplace policy that belongs in a Mad Men episode.’ Dutifully, his cattle constituents have latched onto the State-approved talking point and run with it:

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Hey gay rights militants: your fascism is showing

The Matt Walsh Blog

Dear gay rights militants, dear progressive tyrants, dear liberal fascists, dear haters of free speech, dear crusaders for ideological conformity, dear left wing bullies:

You will lose.

I know you’ve got legions of sycophants kowtowing to you these days, and the rest you’ve set out to destroy — but you will lose.

So, you’ve tracked another dissident and skinned him alive. You’ve made an example of Brendan Eich, and now you dance joyously around his disemboweled carcass. You have his head on a spike, and you consider this a conquest in your eternal crusade to eradicate diversity and punish differing opinions. You launched your millionth campaign of intimidation, and now another good man has been dragged through the mud, to the sounds of taunting and jeering and death threats.

You found out that the CEO of Mozilla gave a few dollars to support a pro-traditional marriage ballot measure several…

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