Arguing With Obamabots

The Matt Walsh Blog

The DHS has increased its email surveillance, all while continuing to hoard enough ammo to murder everyone on the planet twice. This is the part where intelligent Americans begin to feel slight unease at the fact that an ambiguous and unconstitutional government agency seems to be engaged in an old school, militaristic power grab. Neo-liberals are also, no doubt, concerned… That Obama still might not have enough of an ability to control and kill us.

Of course, as you know, we passed through some sort of strange galactic wormhole in 2008 and when we came out the other side, left wingers were suddenly shrugging their shoulders and saying “eh, on second thought, screw the Bill of Rights”.

I always enjoy conversing with an Obama supporter who assumes that I’m like him, and so my positions must fluctuate and fade according to the whims of a political party. I enjoy it…

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