Neurosurgeons and Pedicurists Make Different Salaries Because of Sexism

The Matt Walsh Blog

Obama has declared today “National Equal Pay Day”, to highlight the epidemic of “gender bias” that has led to women being paid less than men.

Yes, this is a very important issue and the ONLY possible explanation for this “wage gap” is universal misogynistic discrimination. Right? Well, in that case, I know of a business where the sexism is so bad that women make 13 percent less than men, even though they comprise 50 percent of the workforce at this establishment. This place is called “the White House”. It seems the very president who has sweepingly declared all salary inequity to be the result of sexism has, himself, decided to pay the women in his employ significantly less. One can only then surmise that our president is an evil, sexist, woman-hater. I’m using his own logic to come to that conclusion.

Question to Obama supporters: Is there any amount of…

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