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Aborted babies are being incinerated to provide electricity in the United States

The Matt Walsh Blog


After reports a few weeks ago that aborted babies are burned to heat hospitals in the UK, today we get this:

The remains of aborted humans are being shipped to a US power facility, in order to provide electricity to Oregon residents.

The British Colombia Health Ministry has confirmed that ‘medical waste’ is sent to our country to be converted to electricity in waste-to-power plants. ‘Medical waste,’ in this brave new world of ours, includes amputated limbs, cancerous tissue, and the bodies of murdered children.

I don’t have any long tirade for you. I just need you to understand what’s happening here in your one nation under God. We are incinerating slaughtered babies so that we can charge our iPhones and power our televisions.

If we displace a few caribou to build a pipeline, or disadvantage a couple of dolphins to drill for oil, the public outrage cannot be contained. The cries of injustice…

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Happy Crooks and Liars Day!

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Happy President’s Day! I can’t wait for the ceremony where they pull the President out of his vacation resort to find out if he can see his shadow. If he does, you know what that means: 60 more years of economic and cultural decay. OK it’s a campy tradition but, you know what, I think it’s super fun! 

Unless I’m getting my holidays mixed up. Oh that’s right, Groundhog’s Day is the one where a furry woodland creature predicts the weather and President’s Day is the totally ridiculous, fictional holiday. With all the people accusing Valentine’s Day of being “made up” I think it’s worth noting that President’s Day is, in fact, literally made up. It doesn’t exist. It’s a creation of mattress warehouses and car dealerships. It might as well be called Buy a Used Kia For Zero Down and Zero Percent Financing Today Only Day. The situation is…

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I paid to have babies murdered and all I got was this coat hanger necklace?

The Matt Walsh Blog

In these lean times, we must be discerning about the causes to which we donate our energy and money.

Sure, we’d like to give to every worthy charity and needy neighbor, but alas our resources are finite.

So, do we perhaps give a portion of our expendable income to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen? Do we give to starving children in Africa? Do we put our money towards education for the disadvantaged?

Do we concentrate on nurturing, sheltering, clothing, protecting, blessing, and loving our fellow human beings? Or do we negate the need for such things by opting to fund the extermination of the very sorts of humans that might end up requiring our charity, should they be permitted to exist in the first place?

Do we feed them, treating them like hungry friends, or do we fumigate, treating them like swarming cockroaches?

If the ease and efficiency of…

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